EMS is the Emergency Medical System as a whole. It is s system made up of EMTs, paramedics and other first responders. EMTs are Emergency Medical Technicians.
Yes, the pre-requisite for being a paramedic is to be a certified, NYS EMT. To register and find upcoming courses go to www.auraprep.com/rti
180-200 hours of classroom lecture and hands-on skills. To register & find upcoming courses go www.auraprep.com/rti
You must take a course with an approved New York State Department of Health – Bureau of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System Course Sponsor. To register & find upcoming courses go www.auraprep.com/rti
In order to obtain an EMT certification, you must complete an approved EMT course, pass the NYS Practical Skills Exam and then pass the NYS written exam. To register & find upcoming courses go www.auraprep.com/rti
EMTs administer medications based on state and regional protocols. Those include: Oxygen, Aspirin, Epinephrine, Naloxone, Glucose, Albuterol, Nitroglycerin and Diastat
With a NYS EMT certification, you are eligible for work in the title of EMT-B in New York State. This can be as past of an EMS system, in the emergency room, event medical teams, health screening, and lab testing/screening.
Salary for an EMT is based on where you are employed. Many agencies offer different salaries and benefits. These salaries can range between $15 - $26 per hour or $31,000 - $55,000 per year.
A portion of the EMT program is currently conducted online via live instructor sessions and utilization of on online learning management system. Students MUST attend in person session to complete their practical skills. To register & find upcoming courses go www.auraprep.com/rti

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Become A NYS EMT campaign was created and funded by Rescue Training International to promote the EMS field and to recruit our future EMS providers and leaders. At Rescue Training International we strive to empower and educate those who wish to begin their journey in Emergency Medical Services. We offer courses to become a New York State Emergency Medical Technician with a blended online didactic and in-person skills option. For more information go to Rescue Training International