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Emergency Medical Technicians have many roles and responsibilities in the pre-hospital medical care setting. Most commonly, EMT’s work on ambulances administering pre-hospital emergency medical care in accordance with state and regional defined protocols. They perform critical life-saving interventions in the event of a medical emergency. They are also responsible for transporting that patient to the hospital for continued medical care.

In order to become a certified EMT in NYS, you must complete a basic EMT course offered by a Department of Health core-sponsor. The training is at a minimum 150-180 hours built of both didactic and classroom lectures and hands on skills. After the competition of the course, you will be required to take the NYS exam that is both a written portion and a skills portion. These exams will be scheduled by your course sponsor and school. Skills are also based on regional and state protocols that will be provided to you by your agency.

Upon passing the state exam, you will be certified as an EMT. Some of the skills you will be certified to perform are:

Medication administration (Oxygen, Aspirin, Epinepherine, Naloxone, Glucose, Albuterol) Bleeding control and management
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Basic airway maintenance and respiratory emergencies
Treat and stabilize various injuries Assist in emergency birth

After becoming an EMT, there are many options available to you for you to pursue if you wish to advance your medical career. Becoming an EMT is the perfect path to begin your medical career in EMS and pre-hospital care as well as the medical field.

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Types of EMS

Volunteer EMS

EMS volunteers vary in level of responsibilities. From covering small local events

Hospital Based 911 Response

Hospitals will often be contracted by a village, town, or city

Interfacility Transport

Many private EMS companies specialize in the assessment. Ongoing treatment, and transport

In-Hospital Provider

Let’s not forget that EMTs are also desirable workers in hospitals,

Municipal 911 Services

The purpose of municipal based EMS is to provide ambulance services within

Event Based Medical

This type of medicine has become more and more popular over


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