Event Based Medical

Event Based Medical

This type of medicine has become more and more popular over the last several years. EMTs and/or paramedics will be staffed for sporting events, concerts, movie productions, or any occasion that medical staff is warranted. Sometimes, ambulance services will cover these events for an agreed upon fee, but other times, EMTs will work directly for the venue, and report there each shift.

Description of Responsibilities: Often large scale pre-scheduled gatherings (concerts, sporting events, etc.) require onsite EMS coverage. While working for a company provident such coverage, an EMT can expect to operate in an environment quite different then the back of an ambulance. From large stadiums to private subdued parties, an EMT at an event may be asked to provide care for issues ranging basic first aid for bumps and bruises to being the front line of care in a large-scale act of violence.

Experience Needed/Experience Gained: Many companies will hire newly certified EMT’s to help staff their events. Working event based medical “gigs” helps to teach an EMT how to operate in chaotic and hectic scenes while remaining cool, calm, and collected yourself.

Expected Potential Earnings: Starting salaries for most event based medical companies range from $15/hour to $20/hour based on a providers’ prior EMS experience and any secondary certifications the provider may hold.

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